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3D Kamasutra – Sherlyn Chopra holding Eve with eight men.

Sherlyn Chopra, who was expelled from the movie “Kamasutra 3D” is back. According to the director Rupesh Paul, actress turn sequences with eight naked men. He added that in addition to the ‘Playboy Cover Girl Sherlyn’, a few other girls also become part erotic film sequences.

“Sherlyn is a very dedicated actress and she is very passionate about his work. I do not think other actresses could adapt this script. Moreover, it is a very bold, she should get naked in front of eight players who will also be naked. Sherlyn play the role of a princess in the film and I’m not ready to compromise with the sequences of the film, “revealed the director of” Kamasutra 3D. ” In the beginning, Sherlyn has been in trouble with the director view that it had violated the condition of Paul. Without the consent of the director, she posted a few sequences of the film on the net. Sequences show her half naked and with a ‘lehenga’ transparent. Very upset, Rupesh had expelled immediately. He had even thought of replacing it with a Hollywood star. Sherlyn apologized to Rupesh and things are settled between them. “Kamasutra 3D” is a Hollywood production and they are strict with their conditions. But after this incident, Sherlyn has become more mature and responsible. We have already shot some footage of the film and the rest of the film will be in Rajasthan, from March 15, “said Paul.