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A-Plus is a general entertainment channel based television channel positioned as telecasting versatile programming line-up which includes soaps, dramas, game shows, comedy, musicals based, travel, educational shows. Our channel operates through a strategy of multiple segments, and we are also indirectly targeting children and men who belong to the middle class and upper middle through multiple marketing strategies One advantage is fast achieving a position in the market as a family entertainment channel that offers the viewer needs. Today we can boast of a list of dramas conducting channel that focuses on the female lead, since women are the primary audience of A-Plus.

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Today, A Plus is an important part of its viewer ship among housewives who are attracted to the canal that provides dramas, talk shows aimed at women, magazine-style programs … and all this through a visually appealing and colorful screen Our mission to change the trend of audience through unique ideas, taking social responsibility and win the hearts and minds of our viewers, while entertaining and educating, messages social through our screen. In short, we are here to establish trends.

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