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Bachchan in line with company housing

Looks like the Bachchan family, has landed in a place of problems with a housing cooperative. It is known that along with Abhishek Bachchan’s son are locked in a battle with the New India Cooperative Housing Society Ltd on his bungalow Janak, using as his private office. The cause of this conflict goes back to 2004 and 2005, when the family had bought six floors in the building of the former owners. However, recently when requested membership in the society, the management committee demanded an exorbitant transfer fee.

Although the Bachchans were willing to pay Rs 25,000, the rate legally acceptable in case of transfer, the society members wanted more amounting to about Rs. 3 million rupees. Following this legal notice several were exchanged between the two parties and the matter finally reached the Deputy.

Since the graph is a part of India New CHS, Bachchans candidate to society last year and sent them a check for Rs. 25,000. However, the company refused his request, while the steering committee of the society sent two letters to Bachchans in March and June 2012, stating that the sale of the property and its use as an office was illegal. Apart from that, many other reasons cited for not transferring ownership to Bachchans, and asked them to vacate the space.

Commenting on the case ABZ Partners, a law firm hired by the Bachchans states that society must give consent to the assignment of the land and refrain from doing anything against the law, because their customers have always been ready and willing to pay transfer fee legitimate public and to comply with all laws, rules, regulations and statutes.