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BCB president Nazmul Hassan addresses the media, Dhaka, July 1, 2013

Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) president Nazmul Hassan is confident of declaring a date for the board elections within a month after the ICC confirms they have assessed the BCB constitution amendment. Hassan has been occupied with concerns over the World Twenty20 venues and the impending ACSU report on corruption in the BPL of late, but his inability to hold elections within 90 days of taking office, as the ad-hoc committee had promised, has also been a long-running issue.

BCB’s amended constitution has been held up after the High Court in Bangladesh deemed the process of amending the draft as “illegal”. Hassan had warned last month that the ICC would cancel Bangladesh’s membership if they did not hold elections soon, but the meeting with the ICC has given him hope.

“The ICC hasn’t given any timeframe for the elections, but I feel that we will declare the elections in one month’s time,” Hassan said. “We have discussed the two constitutions with the ICC. The one on which the 2008 elections were held, is no longer approved by the ICC. They don’t have a problem with the 2012 NSC-approved constitution. We will get an official letter from the ICC with their comments very soon.”

Hassan also refuted claims made by former president Saber Hossain Chowdhury that the BCB is dawdling on the elections. Chowdhury had said in a TV interview recently that the delay in the Premier Division Cricket League was linked to the elections because each of the Super League teams (those who make it to the second phase of the competition) from the previous season’s league had demanded two councillorship positions (effectively voters) per club. This was approved by the National Sports Council, the regulatory body of sports in Bangladesh. Another former BCB director, Mobasher Hossain, has sent an e-mail to ICC CEO Dave Richardson complaining of the delay.

“I haven’t heard what he said. If he has said this, it is completely a bogus claim,” Hassan said. “There is a specific reason to delay the elections, and I have said it publicly. There is no room for such comments. I am not concerned about who becomes president, it is unimportant to me, but I want to fix cricket in the country.”