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Blu Ivy loves music: Beyonce

15-month-old daughter Blue Ivy R & B star Beyonce has already started to love music.

Beyonce said her daughter has developed a talent for salsa music, which 31-year-old singing sensation believes stems from her stomach when she accompanied her husband Jay-Z on their tours, reports ContactMusic.

“Right now, she just loves it like tempo salsa – .. Anything with a beat that makes sense because I was on tour when I was pregnant, then I went on the tour of his father and the 808 was probably shaking belly … , “She said.

The ‘Run The World (Girls)’ hitmaker recently celebrated its fifth anniversary with her ​​husband and daughter to a romantic trip to Havana, Cuba.

She also completed a feature-length documentary, “Life is but a dream,” which focuses on her marriage and motherhood.