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Bollywood film of Scarlett Keeling

British teenager Scarlett Keeling murder in Goa, five years ago, remains a mystery to date. But what happened, and the events leading to his death so many years could be re-built as a Bollywood film if it gets its way.

Because, trying to bring the story alive on the big screen is the producer Arzad Naaz. And to play a role Sacrlett, Marimar Vega Mexican actor has been roped in Vega, who comes from a filmi background, it is Mexico’s second actress after Barbara Mori (who starred opposite Hrithik Roshan in Kites) to star in a Bollywood film . His credits also include appearances on stage and television in Mexico, along with movies.

The film’s producers are tight-lipped on any similarity between the character and Marimar Scarlett in the film, but have not confirmed the news of his casting in the film.

Naaz says: “Marimar has signed on to the lead and soon will be traveling to India to be part of the announcement of the title and other details of the film.” Written and directed by Himayath Khan, male lead of the film will be released shortly.

According to sources, the film is inspired by Keeling, who was raped and murdered in Anjuna beach. The film also will emphasize the dangers lurking in this beautiful city famous for its nightlife. The film is all set to go to floors in a few months and is slotted for release 2014. Besides showing Goa beaches and nightlife, the film also will delve into the local mafia drug ring.