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Documentary on making of ‘Lootera’

The process of filmmaking has never been an easy task for any filmmaker. Similarly, for Lootera team has not been a cakewalk either. Vikramaditya Motwane, who has been working on this film for over a year and a half, came up with the idea of ​​doing five minutes documentary captures the struggles that went to make the movie. The entire film crew faced some of the toughest times during filming.

One of the first setbacks was back injury lead actor Ranveer Singh, who gave the crew a major scare. The shooting schedule went haywire as the actor had to be taken back to the city on a stretcher.

Later, during filming in Dalhousie, the team faced extreme weather conditions. Some days, I even had to walk through knee-deep snow. To maintain continuity, the crew also had to recreate winter in the summer later in the schedule.

“Lootera has been an exciting journey for all involved in the same.’s Perseverance and determination of the crew who made ​​sure that this film got to do,” says Vikramaditya, adding: “After watching this video five minutes, a lot of people want to do a documentary in the making. going to release some more footage of our trip soon. “

For now, the film makers are deciding on how they should release the documentary titled Labour Of Love – whether it should be available independently or promotions should be examined with the film’s end credits.