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How to propose a girl? – Ways  & Tips of Proposing

English is a very famous saying, ‘Well Begun Is Half Done’ if you get good at the start of any work, so please understand that you have won half the game. And in the case of Love That sounds reasonable.

Seeing someone’s heart is uncontrollable. A girl seems to be very good to your heart. And you are in love with her. Your next step now that you say it to your heart.how_to_propose_valentines_day-2013

Your heart want to say, but the heart does not know how to get  it on the lips.

Everyone comes to love, but in your heart you would not dare to speak. Putting on the heart lips are very few people do.
How do I proposed this question is at the heart of every lover. But it is easy to express love heart – a – difficult to muster the courage to love.

You’re going to propose your partner, then of course a little bit of fear of rejection is persecuting. In this case you do not know what to do, so that we can help you. We have given some simple tips for you.

You get this chance only once in life. You can make this moment memorable for your partner.

1. Special place – Select a place which is proposed to be special for both of you, as a place where you first met. A place you can propose to the girl.

2. Candle Light Dinner – Proposed for a candle-lit dinner is a good option. During dinner time you can ask for your Favorite playing tunes and then they can say to your heart. But all to plan in advance.

3. Gifts to the – when you go to dinner with your special friend make herself ready. Do not forget to take the ring at all. Do not get nervous at all. Enjoy every moment by looking into her eyes.

4. Heart – You will be doing what comes in your heart, then do not assume that they will not mind hearing your things.
5. Exciting way – If your girlfriend likes adventure sports such as rock climbing and under full water after diving to rock climbing to the top of the hill to reach the top, you can express your love.

6. During the movie – you plan to watch a movie with your girlfriend and propose them to her in the gap between the interval.

7. In Flight – If you’re going somewhere with your girlfriend in flight over the intercom you can Propose her.

8. From billboards – which is the way your girlfriend everyday, on billboards that way you have written to your heart. This way you will surely like them.

9. Romantic atmosphere – Rimzim a long drive in the rain with girlfriends, and propose her in the romantic atmosphere.