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I have more female than male fans: Tamannaah

Tamannaah, 23, made his first film as hero at the age of 14. She is a Sindhi girl born and raised in Bombay and has made 25 films, including his latest film ‘Himmatwala’. She has learned to speak Telugu and Tamil as easily as she speaks Hindi. She may have a temple that bears his name in Tamil Nadu, but not serious stardom as she knows nothing lasts forever. She lives in the moment and is proud to be a home bird. She talks about her favorite co-star Suriya toTOI why she has fans more women than men, and how humor Sajid Khan rubbed off on her. Excerpts:

At the age of 23, who has completed 25 films. You must have started early, right?

I always wanted to be an actress. As a child, I stood before the mirror and go to my mother’s clothes, use all the makeup and always watch Hindi movies. I like to dance in my days a year, but was rejected in my acting auditions in school. When I was in class VIII, I had the opportunity to act as the hero of my first film Chand Sa Roshan Bollywood Chehra. Surprisingly, my teacher in class IV Maneckji Cooper had recommended me for this role. My parents saw the potential in me and were extremely favorable. I started shooting when I was 14, but was fine when I looked mature for my age then. The film was released while I was giving my boards tenth. At age 15, I was part of the Fair & Lovely campaign when I was in the south and began making movies there. While my initial films did not do well, I realized my days happy fourth Telugu film.

His parents were worried about her being so young when you started?

This is the only profession where parents can accompany any age. My mother always traveled with me and assumed full responsibility about me not feeling low or nostalgia everywhere. What I like about them is that they realized what was good and supported him, even though he had a lot of sacrifice to stay away from one another.

In the South, there’s all this obsession with the male actor? Does that bother you?

Only a hero can do the job of a heroine. So the idea that their role is small, does not matter. Its value comes from the fact that she can have four scenes, but the fact that people want to see it, even after the four scenes. Also, being an actress is a challenge because in the short time that is put into a commercial movie, has to make a mark.

Do you have friends in the industry?

Dhanush, Illeana and Ram Charan are good friends. I get along with Ram Charan family and hang out with them much. Illeana and I made our first Tamil film together and I am proud of his work. I approach Dhanush and Illeana if I want advice. Also, Ravi James, whom I know by his wife Aarthi, is supportive.

Is there any difference between Telugu and Tamil films?

Unlike a Telugu movie, which is always entertaining, a Tamil film can also be off-beat and raw materials, there is an audience for it, along with commercial cinema. Telugu cinema, however, is always a fairy tale and a movie has to have a happy ending, otherwise it will not work.

What have you learned from being in the industry?

You have to let go in the sense that you can not run after something and get it. You have to let fate happen to you. It is important to have not to fear losing himmat. Hard work is cliché and understand, and everyone works hard and everything around us is so competitive. I am very inspired by Kung Fu Panda and feel you have to believe in yourself only. There is no magic. Everything is within you. I never go to my past or the future and always live in the present. Life is unpredictable and we are all fragile.

Not been linked to anyone in his film career. Have you fallen in love with any of his co-stars?

I’ve fallen into something as strong as love. Love is a big word and I would use it with care. Being attracted is different than being in love. Also you can not be in love with an actor, you have to be in love with a person. In my previous films, people I’ve worked with were much older than me. It is only now that I’ve started working with people my age.

You made one film with Surya. Why have not worked with him again?

I do not think he repeats his heroines. I learned a lot from him and he always encouraged me. He is respected, versatile and rarely repetitive.

Is it true that you have more female fans than men?

Yes, I have a fan largest public women than men and I find flattering. I understand what can turn a woman when she enters a theater. I think women feel comfortable to come to see my films, as I have always been a part of movies feel clean and not do something on the screen that would be uncomfortable with the observation of their families. I have not ever kissed on screen, and even when I wear revealing clothes, I make sure it looks aesthetic.

What has been your experience working with Sajid Khan in Himmatwala?

Sajid never seen any of my work, but had no serious conviction after only knew me for 15 minutes and made a decision. Has influenced me a lot and my sense of humor has improved because of it. He is sincere, but not serious. He knows his job and will have a lot of fun at work. Planning I learned from him and he teaches you to be prepared with what you want to do on the set. When he signed the film with me, he told me he was going to throw Himmatwala March 29 and he did. Never happened to me before in my career. That shows their level of planning.

Bollywood films for you after Himmatwala?

Ramesh Taurani’m doing film with Akshay Kumar, where Himmatwala writers, Sajid-Farhad are debuting as director. South is what made me what I am today, so I’m also doing two Telugu and Tamil film. For me, Hyderabad and Chennai feel at home like Mumbai does.