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John Abraham returned to me I aur hand

After the failure of I me aur main box office and bad reviews, John Abraham wanted to speak about the film and especially the poor release date of the film. Here are his words:

Honestly, the film came as a surprise and it was a great lesson. We made ​​many mistakes during the filming, and I can assure you that these errors will not be repeated in my next movie.

John Abraham returned to me I aur hand

I agree that the film was released at a very bad time. Children, especially teenagers, who constitute a large part of my fans were busy with exams.

The actor continues:

Now, I will not let any studio or producer dictate terms or force me to accept the release date of my films. Traditionally, stars put their vetoes on the release dates. In this case, I accepted the date that I was offered and my worst fears were realized.

I am not happy with the way the film was marketed and promoted. I can tell you one thing, too little has been done and too late. That says it all, I guess.