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Kai po che won success at the box office

Nothing stops Kai po che at the box office, his recipe amounted to Rs.18, 1 crore for three days of operation: Rs 4.50 crores on Friday, Rs 6.25Kai po che Movie crores on Saturday and Rs 7.35 crore on Sunday. The largest numbers are in Mumbai with Rs 7.25 crore, Rs 4 crore in Delhi, Rs 1.3 crores in East Punjab, Rs 68 lakhs to Rs 1.12 crore Rajasthan and West Bengal.

Also released in theaters last Friday, Zila ghaziabad displays a cumulative revenue of Rs 10 crores for three days of operation.

Aadhi bhagavan was also released on the screens of Tamil Nadu on Friday. Despite poor reviews, the film won the favor of the public and its beautiful figures show revenue for the weekend, especially in the multiplexes.