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Kajol: “I prefer to be unemployed rather than make a bad movie! 

Kajol has lost 18 pounds and it feels good in her skin. She is devoted to her husband, Ajay Devgn and takes care of her children, Nysa and Yug. 

Kajol is a Bollywood star atypical.

Kajol: "I prefer to be unemployed rather than make a bad movie! "

“I know that people notice the brands you wear and you look, what I find quite absurd. My whole life, I’ve never concerned about the brand I wear. All these things are not relevant. You will not believe this, but I still do not know the best brands of clothing or shoes. If I like something, I’ll wear it. Shopping is never a problem with me. But when I go abroad, I check the latest vitamins and minerals for sale. I spend five times more money at the chemist in a fashion. At age 38, I am proud of myself and my age. I would not be 16 again because I’m much prettier and thinner than I was at 16. At my job, I have a clear idea of what I want to do. I prefer not to work than to make a bad movie. I have always been very selective, but when you get older, your tolerance down again. The role that I will justify the time should I deprive my children and my husband. To disappear for three to six months, I need an extraordinary role. ” Kajol accepts that the film industry is dominated by men. “It’s a question of money. These days, a film is not less than Rs 500 million. So when you have so much money at stake, it should recover. Let’s be realistic. Ninety percent of superheroes are men. Personally, I prefer Superman, Batman and Spider-Man to Wonder Woman. Not that I do not like female superheroes, I get more fun to watch a male superhero. But I think we’re much smarter than men. ” However, she said his admiration for her husband Ajay. “He has won three national awards. I have not heard of a commercial film actor with three national awards to his credit. It has always been good in all his films. And he made ​​all genres: romantic comedy, drama, action, comedy … “. Some find it did not have much to do in “My Name Is Khan” (2010). Answer: “I have not had the lead role, but I had some really powerful scenes. I also made ​​the film because I wanted to work with Karan. I want a good director and a good script. I think Karan is writing his next film, and I think it will make a nice little film, before it arrives at something great. And I know he will not come to me without a proper script. He knows that I am demanding. But friends are not obliged to make films for me. ” For many young actresses, Kajol is their idol. Which is his? “I’m a big fan of Sridevi. India has never produced a fine actress too. She reinvented with each film. Whenever I meet, I tell him to open a school and I would be his first student. There is so much to learn from her. Among young, I loved Parineeti Chopra in “Ishaqzaade” (2012). ”  Kajol had the guts to refuse “3 Idiots.”  She claimed the lead (played by Aamir) or at least one of the two other major male roles. The director Raju Hirani, thought she was joking when she was absolutely serious. She found superficial role possibly played by Kareena Kapoor. Nysa and Yug How do they react when they see films Kajol? “Yug is too young to understand anything. Nysa and never liked my films. She sees that I cry a lot. She asks me why I do not make films like his dad, like “Golmaal” (2006). ” For Kajol, the Bollywood actors smart exist. Shah Rukh Khan takes risks and do something different. Salman Khan is one of the smartest people she met. By far the biggest star in the contemporary industry, yet so casual and carefree. Then, Aamir Khan, extremely talented and intelligent. A marketing genius. Always looking for something new. Finally Akshay Kumar. A fantastic evolution. Superstar without major support. And he was always the same affectionate Akshay.