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Kapil Sharma –  Return to romantic comedy?

Directed by Kapil Sharma, I , me aur Movie starring John Abraham, Chitrangada Singh and Prachi Desai. The film will hit Indian screens in a few I hand me aurdays and he tells the story of Ishaan, a charismatic music producer in Mumbai. He has a nice life, it is very close to his mother, and he has a girlfriend, Anushka. Everything seems acquired. But one day, his life collapses like a house of cards: his fiancee puts out. He is left with his mother, who just broke up with his father in a dilapidated house and to top it all, his boss asked him to resign. This is her neighbor Gauri enters his life and teaches him the importance of relationships …

Kapil Sharma has been interviewed.

What made ​​you take the step to come to Bollywood?

“My decision is to be here for the love of cinema to the glitz and glamor. But if you plan at the time of the 90s, then you would see the glitz and glamor also existed but that it was the first story and screenplay were important. I belong entirely to the time and also my films. “

What prompted you to choose a subject as difficult as the relationship between men and women, as well as the plot of your first film?

“When I made ​​my debut, I’ve read many stories and during my first film, I felt that much had disappeared in most romantic comedies. But they had never discussed is what happens at the end of a relationship or perhaps after the end of a romantic comedy. I wanted to make a movie with older people who are at the heart of relations of middle-class urban population of India and amidst all the confusion. aur hand I myself is a kind of introspection or look This happens in all our relationships. “

I hand me aur 3

Why choose John, Chitrangada and Prachi as the main protagonists of your film?

“I thought these were the best actors to interpret the role of Ishaan, Anushka and Gauri. The idea was to have a man-child who has a sexy look. Even the public can admit he is a little obsessed with itself, but it reflects the urban model and sexy in any case at least for his character. The role of Ishaan is that of a man who takes care of him and everything revolves around him I me aur hand (literally, me, me and me). There is nothing beyond his self-obsession.

Chitrangada Singh is a pin-up and it has been chosen for this kind of role. It brings a lot of sophistication and punch. His character is that of a corporate lawyer to a higher social class and its forces are its independence and self-esteem. The plot also revolves around her.

I hand me aur 2

Prachi Desai was a big surprise in the film is what many people say. But the interesting thing about it is that in real life, Prachi is almost like Gauri. It is a little bohemian in his head, carries a lot of dresses. Also, when we thought the actress for the character of Gauri, there were a lot of options, but we made ​​the choice to go to Prachi. And she remarkably surprised in the film. She brings a breath of fresh air. “

What do you expect from this adventure?

Hopefully the public will be connected with the story and that women will connect with this man as if it was someone she know or with whom they are married. With regard to men, they will see a bit of themselves in Ishaan, the character of John Abraham. They will certainly recognize the women in his life and all the other female characters. I hope everyone will have a good time with the film, they have a few giggles. It is a story of commitment, fun, a romantic comedy. “