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By the way of this post we will be discussing with the method to view the live cricket scores streaming on you Iphone! Iphone is one of the ideal devices in the list as from which the user can catch the live streaming fun easily. You can take the Iphone from one place to another as it is light in weight. You can catch the Iphone live cricket streaming in fastest way if you are using the service of the Wi Fi.

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Steps To Watch Live Cricket Scores Streaming on Your iPhone:

Step No 1: To watch the live cricket scores streaming on you Iphone just click at the application store icon that is just located at the home screen of your Iphone device.

Step No 2: In the second step you will be selecting with the option of “Search” function at the bottom of the screen. Once the “Search” box will pops up you have to click in the text box as just at the top and type in “Watch”

Step No 3: Now make the choice of the app from the list of application that pulls up. When the application description comes up on top of your phone you have to click on the “Install” button that is located on the top right.

Step No 4: In the next step you will be entering with the iTunes password as just into the text box and click on “Ok.” Just wait in support of the application to download onto the home screen of your iPhone device.

Step No 5: Coming up to the conclusion point you have to just push the application as on the home screen and just wait for the few seconds for it to pull up. Once it pulls up after it you can search all the way through the available programming. You have to click on a program or game that you want to watch and wait in support of it to start streaming to your phone. This application will hence work best if you are watching the streaming by using the service of the Wi-Fi.

If you have Iphone and you want to watch the live cricket scores streaming on you Iphone then this method is the best way to grab up the entertainment! Follow the steps carefully!