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Movie Review: Commando, A One Man Army

Cast: Vidyut Jamwal, Jaideep Ahlawat, Pooja Chopra

Director: Dilip Ghosh

The Indian Express rating ** 1/2

Been so long since we saw a true blue Bollywood action film Commando does not have to be different than it is anything: a string of explosive sequences strung across a story that only exists for the purpose of showing a one man, muscles rippling, mowing through a crowd. Again and again and again.

To that end, Vidyut Jamwal is perfect. Unlike so-called action heroes have at the moment, the effort beyond the halfway line in the 40s, struggling to appear credible, Jamwal seems like he was born for it. The opening sequence has some amazing moves (a disclaimer at the beginning tells us that he has done all the stunts, except for a few scenes at the end, yes: in one, throws himself completely off the ground, while horizontally ), which instantly tells us that this man could be the real legatee tradition Sty Stallone-Statham Arnie-Diesel. In other words, when you hit someone, you are affected.

Jamwal plays an Indian Army command that is released from beyond the border of China after the capture and much third degree torture. His only goal now is to “clean the dirt inside.” In other words, the guys that make it impossible for good in the role of the armed forces – political, and thugs who want to be politicians. Fortunately for him, and us, Jamwal not get too much time talking. Having said what I have to, you put the real deal to decimate the bad guys, one by one.

Dogra Karanveer Commando comes to the rescue of the damsel in distress Simrit (Chopra), who is on the run from the evil, ruthless AK (Ahlawat). The AK is a great piece of work. He is constantly on your phone, laughing heartily at Santa-Banta jokes, snarling at cowed the good people of Punjab village living, and glancing at the Simrit spirit. If fair Jamwal meanwhile, Ahlawat left a considerable impact on Gangs Of Wasseypur and has been biding their time in small roles until now, cut a lovely old Bollywood style villain, the whole suit and smiling bluster and threat .