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Need to change position on morality: Chetan Bhagat

Expressing concern at the incidence of attacks on women, writer Chetan Bhagat said there is a need to change first in moral support.

“To curb the increasing incidents of rape and aid in the prevention of gender-based abuses we should do another check on our stand of morality,” he told a meeting of young.

“I think women have to have the extra space in life, and who face the brunt of society and this is not just for the ‘Nirbhaya’ incident. That’s a landmark brutal amount, the terrible things can turn, “he said.

Three of his novels have been translated to the big screen, but Bhagat said he is still learning as a screenwriter.

“Bollywood follows certain rules while adapting a story by popular demand.’m Still picking up,” he said, and expressed his delight at the way of writing ‘Kai Po Che held his novel’ The 3 mistakes of my life. “

‘Kai Po Che’ is the latest movie based on his work and has been honored at the Berlin Film Festival. His eight-year-old son Ishaan has made her acting debut in the film.

“Ishaan has done a clean and well told by director Abhisek Kapoor. Those who saw the movie were happy with the way they handled the subject of my book,” said Bhagat.