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No children want to press in action: Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise is one of the biggest movie stars in the world, but not so sure, if you want your children will continue to show business.

At the premiere of his new sci-fi thriller Oblivion, Cruise was asked if he would let his six-year-old daughter Suri, with ex-wife Katie Holmes, take action, reported E! Online.

The 50-year-old told any of his children including two adopted with his then wife Nicole Kidman can take action if they want, but it’s not just going to drive on them.

“All my children can come into action. What I do is try to find out what interests them and support them in that. No pressure. Luck I have. I love what I do. Believe that with them, it’s just knowing what you want to do and support, “he said.

18-year-old son Connor Cruise has given acting a shot, which appears in the 2008 film “Seven Pounds” with Will Smith.