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Government Television, a British prime minister was the first Asian channel entertainment channel for the Asian family launched in the UK and rest of Europe in 1998. Prime Television since its inception has fulfilled its promise to deliver high quality content based on the exciting and entertaining program participation based on the need of the public of all ages. Prime Television channel was the first British Asian to join the British Council Hearing Research (BARB) provide exact numbers of audience for advertisers. The first TV has a specialized research team constantly evaluates the performance data and viewer feedback to further improve its content. With a range of over 50 countries in Europe with access to over 100 million viewers, the government television has become a standard by which most entertainment brands in Asia have been tried. Your audience base constantly growing supported by strong content has become the first major Asian channels effectively serve all South Asian diaspora spread throughout Europe.

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The enormous popularity of television prime arises from his deep knowledge and deep South Asian cultural heritage, mainly from Pakistan and traditional beliefs combined with British Asian values. Realizing that there was a great need for a platform to reach British Asian British Pakistani Diaspora, Prime Television took this great initiative to launch the program based on the variety of choices for all segments of the audience, including dramas Prime Time, tele-dramas, movies, music shows, news, news, reality shows, documentaries and innovative range of entertainment segments. Through the years, our program has been very successful with our target audience in the development and training of their perceptions and understanding of quality entertainment. It has led to increased demand by opening more creative and high quality programming that has been consistently honored by the government television.

Today the channel with its vibrant and culturally sensitive and socially conscious programming has remained a true competitor and is up to its billing as a leading Asian entertainment channel in Europe. Government Television has always been considered one of the most important channels of the ratings for their offers sensational and is now recognized as a world power in the field of television media.