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R Balki directed Akshay Kumar, Prabhu Deva in TV

After directing Amitabh Bachchan in Cheeni Kum and Paa, publicist, filmmaker R Balakrishnan, better known as Balki, is all set to exploit the footwork and dance exponent Akshay Kumar, actor and choreographer Prabhu Deva in a new television commercial.

Balki, who recalled that “Mr. Amitabh Bachchan effort would fall into the role of a progeria-struck child” in the film Paa said: “Good actors never crib or complain. Expect to take the director and give their input.” “They know what is expected of them.”

Recalling the pre-production phase of Paa, said “it was a matter of refusing to let me even when I left the sets. Had meet these children, their parents and teachers and would scrutinize the media. I would also watch documentaries. ‘

“To date, I and Amitji Bachchans family and very involved with the work mush welfare of these children with disabilities, meeting their educational expenses, training needs, conditions and medication bills Paa alwayz production team stand by your family, “he said.

To say that he believed that music can not be pushed into a script, and instead there are points that mix music with specific places, Balki said: “I grew up listening to Ilayaraja brand of music from an early age.

“For me, music and Ilayaraja Ilayaraja means means music.’m Going to make movies all the time that he accepts to score music for them,” he reasoned Balki, who had worked with musical wizard in Paa and Cheeni Kum.

About working with Prabhu Deva in the new ad, Balki said “while Akshay Kumar is a showman par excellence, consider Prabhu Deva as an exponent of the dance, the actor / director / choreographer.”

“The challenges here are twice – a career as a publicist I have to do something new on the creative side, and secondly the direction of two great friends I have not worked in the past increases the curiosity quotient of all this,” said .

The advertising campaign, by industries dollar will have Akshay Kumar, Prabhu Deva I have joined together for the first time. let’s see if we can extend this movie for me in the future, “said Balki.