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Rajinikanth has finally completed “Kochadaiyaan”

After a fight scene with Deepika Padukone in London, and a song with music by AR Rahman, Rajinikanth has completed his film “Kochadaiyaan” without any health problem.

Rajinikanth has finally completed "Kochadaiyaan"

The launch of this film was referred to several times due to the health of veteran actor of 62 years. “Kochadaiyaan”, a historical drama, produced by Soundarya (Rajinikanth’s daughter) and Eros, released in mid-2013. Ravikumar, writer of “Kochadaiyaan”, said that all the action scenes in the movie were maintained and tours inside. Deepika plays the role of a princess in this movie. Soundarya wanted a film cartoons with his father but the project was abandoned for unknown reasons. She will travel to China and London 15 March to finalize the special effects of “Kochadaiyaan”. She wants to offer a better product to its fans.