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Ranbir Kapoor steals the show at a charity football match

It was a completely different ball game when the Indian cricketers took movie stars in the Jawaharlal Nehru stadium lighting, an inaugural football charity match here.

Cricketers emerged victorious by a score of 4-3 last night, but were given a run for their money by the All-Star team led by Abhishek Bachchan.

Proceeds from the game went to the Magic Bus Organization, who works for the charity for disadvantaged children. Virat Kohli launched the team ‘All Heart Football Club’ of its founding against the All Stars Football Club.

With ‘RK’ stamped on the back and the loudest cheers from the crowd every time he had the ball, the star Barfi Ranbir Kapoor stole the show.

He dribbled past defenders to taste, topped cricketers, made numerous attempts on goal and capped off his night with a scathing attack from the edge of the penalty area. The only blip was a missed penalty, but he made up for it by winning one for his team.

Earlier, cricketers dressed in red and black, showed his skill with the ball at his feat by smashing three goals in the first half.

They started aggressively with the India cricket captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni making a pin-point cross into the box that was put right properly at the bottom of the net giving the team Tanmoy Mishra ‘All Heart’ initiative in the second minute of play.

Despite all for charity, of gravity on the court was evident with Yuvraj Singh referee shouting to each call against him, wincing at every Miss by peers.

Egged on by more than 10,000 cheering crowd, the All Stars led by former footballer Bhaichung Bhutia, equalized in the 10th minute to score the goal Shabbir Ahluwalia.

Everything was Manoj Tiwary show after the Bengal cricketer showing their soccer skills with two goals to give the team perfectly All Heart a 3-1 lead. Tiwary was later awarded the Man of the Match for his brilliant show.

Playing in wet conditions, the All Stars managed to give a tough fight even though they went 4-1 down immediately after the resumption of play in the second half.

Ranbir Kapoor was a show after that. He dodged easily and Zaheer Khan passed repeatedly. Even tried a movement back which almost gave the All Stars for a second goal. But there came a moment later, however, when ‘RK’ was brought down in the box that was properly stored.

Ten minutes after the break, Dino Morea was shot in the box, but the shot of Ranbir lame resulting penalty saved easily by all Ishant Sharma Heart goalkeeper.

But Ranbir’s no denying a few minutes, when he collected a pass from Marc Robinson and smashed a thunderous strike right at the top so that the

score 4-3.

The team coached by every footballer Sunil Chhetri heart, managed to survive and emerge victorious nervous moments, but not before getting a good scare their opponents.

“The cricketers of India have a habit of winning games with a score of 4-0. We were afraid we would get the same treatment, but all credit to our team especially Ranbir for having fought so brilliantly against of cricketers, “said Abhishek Bachchan All Stars captain after the game.

Talking about team composition, Ranbir vice-captain, he was disappointed to have missed the penalty, said he had been practicing for more than six months for the party.

“Anyone who regularly practiced with us today, was given the opportunity to play. There is nothing to be ashamed of in losing 4-3 and it was an honor to go up and compete against powerful cricketers,” said .

Talking about the possibility of organizing a rematch, Abhishek said some games were in talks with the pipe making the rounds that the two teams will meet again in Sikkim to Bhaichung Bhutia’a foundation.