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Salaam Bombay cinema to emerge in India

Directed by Mira Nair, Salaam Bombay  had created a shock when it was released and won numerous awards. The film told the story of Krishna, a boy who worked in a circus. However, fairground being left without him, he finds himself in Bombay, where he becomes a bearer of tea and inherits the name:  “Chaipu” .

Salaam Bombay cinema to emerge in India

Debut of Mira Nair in 1988, children who appear in the film are street children and this film addresses the topics of drugs, prostitution and pimping, while offering a vision of the little known Indian Western but very realistic. Salaam Bombay  has also been awarded several times (25 international awards), including the Cannes Film Festival, winning the Camera d’Or.

Salaam Bombay  emerge on Indian screens on March 22, to celebrate its 25th anniversary. Very good news for a great movie!