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Schedules the French Aadhi Bhagavan from February 27

Distributed by BR Internationa l, Aadhi Bhagavan is still showing in Paris, from 27 February:Adhi Bhagavan

Paris region –

  • Wednesday, February 27 Monday, March 4 at 19:30

 Directed by Ameer Sultan, the film stars Jayam Ravi and Neetu Chandra

Synopsis  : Apsar Hussain, a CBI officer dared oppose the Rao brothers who under the cover of trade granite control a network of tax evasion. The raid by the officer causing the wrath of Rao brothers who have only one desire: to punish the officer and wash their affront. They therefore call Shyam, a businessman based in Bankok to perform their vendetta. Aadhi Bhagavan narrates the adventures of the officer who must unravel the traps set by her enemies.