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Sir Richard Attenborough in nursing home

Sir Richard Attenborough, Gandhi director of the Oscar-winning (1982), has been battling ill health for some time and has been moved to a residence in London.

The filmmaker of 89 years old, was in a wheelchair since 2008, after a fall and suffered a stroke. Last year, he sold his $ 18.4 million mansion in London, which he shared with his wife Sheila Sim. Sim, 90, was taken to a nursing home after being diagnosed with dementia. And now, Attenborough joined her at the facility, which is a special home for the elderly or infirm artists. A few people in the industry who worked with him on Gandhi, reacted:

Rohini Hattangadi (played Kasturba Gandhi)
It is a practical decision. I visited his house and I can say that is so big it can be unsettling. I can not really comment on it the sale of the mansion. People in India do this to my friend that he gave his house to a bank that gives you some kind of pension each month that will take care of it until the end of his life. This is best for people who have no heir. Richard is a British handy. He has three children, but his family bonding is very different from ours. He is an emotional person too. I remember him coming to visit me in hospital when I gave Wadia my son. He treated me like a daughter. In fact, his son Michael and I are about the same age.

Dalip Tahil (played Zia)

Remove old lion to rest. He is a great man who has aged gracefully. This will be a place where you will receive the best care. He needs constant attention and is difficult for people in the family to give up their lives and make this service. I’m sure he will have none of that and he can afford the best! All are sure to get the best.

Uday Shankar Pani (worked closely with Indian Attenborough as assistant) see the logic in what Dickie (as it is known) has been made. It is not easy taking care of a sick woman and a huge mansion in old age. It is best left to the care of five stars of old age. The West, on horseback logic over emotions, is by realizing the benefits of a combined family system, where the much younger look after the elderly as a moral commitment. We will realize the value of life at home and strong family system combined ‘fast disappearing.