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The Indian festival of Toulouse unfolds

From 2 to 21 April 2013, the Indian Association season and Toulouse will honor the centenary of Indian cinema through a festival. Although the program is still kept secret, Bianchi Pole cinema has agreed to reveal a little more.

Indian cinema Aishwariya Rai

We have chosen for this first edition, to highlight the richness and variety of Indian production. There is no other motivation than the desire to show this diversity and encourage the public to discover and come back next year. From next year, we will follow a thematic thread keeping in mind that it is difficult to project Indian films except the very short list that circulates continuously in France. At this stage, we are also institutional partnerships and professional partnerships (eg distributors) to show that there is demand for this bloated film and, despite the difficulties, it is worth to make an effort to see screened in France and especially in Toulouse.

It is a great challenge and we are very happy to launch, it’s been several months since we’re working on and the date approaches … We both febrile and convinced to meet demand as the Pink City is a city keen film, widely open to all cinema, lacking only the Indian subcontinent!

Twelve films will be programmed on different places: ESAV the ABC Cinema, film Utopia, Alban Minville Cultural Centre and the Cinema Rex Blagnac.

The public will have the chance to see films like Devdas Sanjay Leela Bhansali (2002), or Shree 420 (1955), Raj Kapoor, The Dirty picture Milan Luthria (2011) and an unpublished in FranceNirankush of Venu Arora (1994 ). Other films are being finalized, including animation, documentary films and Hindi, Malyalam and Tamil.


The festival program will not only focus on the film, since various roundtables and conferences will be organized in partnership with the University of Toulouse right, but also on the theme of economic relations between India and France. Painting exhibitions will also be honored, including Swati Gupta, artist and co-organizer of the festival. To this is added a bollywood night club Dynamo concert and dance demonstrations (Kalbelia).

The team has already implemented a preferential rate of 22.5 euros for 5 cinema tickets. You’ll also be able to pay each projection unit. Two films will be shown with free admission, Shree 420in partnership with the Embassy of India and a medium length.

A page will soon be dedicated to the Indian Film Festival of Toulouse, Bollywoodstudio being a partner of the festival. You will find all the information (summaries, photos, trailers if available), and later screening times.